The Sierra Energy Client Experience

Below are examples of how the Sierra Energy Group team provides exceptional value to our clients, including:

Entering a New Market
Established companies are always looking for new market opportunities. SEG's offerings - from off-the-shelf reports to proprietary research programs - provide strategic advisement and direction for companies looking for growth in their business via an entry into new market segments or the launch of new products and services.

Assessing Technology
With the ever-growing complexity of the technologies that exist to solve utility business problems, SEG provides objective assessments to technology solutions for both the vendor and utility communities. This includes assessing vendor technology solutions for how well they are aligned with current and future market needs, to arranging for partnerships or mergers, to assisting utilities in their quest for best-of-breed or integrated technology solutions.

Identifying Market

While there are a number of outlets that offer a strategic view of the market, SEG's IntelliLead takes this one step further by "drilling down" into the enterprise solutions and providing detailed information on market and project activity, enabling solution providers to focus their business development activities on real market and project activity.

Sierra Energy Services

Industry News

Sierra Energy Group (SEG) is the research and analysis division of Energy Central, the leading provider of information and media services to the global power industry.

Formed in March 2005, SEG provides a variety of off-the-shelf reports, programs and proprietary research solutions to clients who are active along the business and technology interface of the utility industry. The Group, under the leadership of Mark Johnson and Christopher Perdue working with the Sierra Energy Group, has nearly 40 years of experience in utility IT and automation research and analysis. SEG’s analyst staff is comprised of industry professionals with diverse technical, marketing, and journalism backgrounds.

SEG has been a leader in advancing the Intelligent Utility® Model, which is enabling utilities to leverage technology and business practices to meet the demands of today’s challenging operating environment. SEG’s Intelligent Utility Practice covers three core areas of on-going research:

Enterprise Solutions: As utilities continue implementing systems for management of customer and work processes, the need for integrated solutions providing business intelligence evolves. SEG analysts provide a range of research solutions addressing this fast-moving marketplace for vendor and utility audiences, from AMI to data management to asset/work management to mobile solutions and more.

Business & Workforce Issues: Utilities face a myriad of challenges going beyond a "simple" technology solution. From fuel issues/alternative energy to aging workforces to increased regulation to ever-increasing budget scrutiny, SEG staff maintains on-going research efforts providing research-based support for client initiatives addressing these complex business and workforce issues.

Tying it All Together
SEG is the only utility research firm connected to a leading global media provider. This unique combination of research and analysis capabilities with the industry-leading reach of Energy Central enables SEG to provide both stand-alone research solutions as well as solutions enabling clients to develop and deliver their solutions to the market via Energy Central's many online and print content and marketing channels.

Sierra Energy Group clients include companies ranging from global Fortune 500 market leaders to niche solution providers. Contact your Energy Central Account Executive or SEG directly for more information.